Atrani Acrylics Painting

Italy – Atrani Acrylics Painting

Atrani Acrylics Painting – Italy I’ve been working on a Atrani Acrylics Painting the last few days. It took me about 8 hours, I believe. I worked on it for a couple of hours last week. I also used coarse structure paste for acrylics. Working on the sand I thought that this product would be […]

Abstract Rose Painting in Acrylics

Abstract Rose Painting in Acrylic colors

Abstract Rose painting with Acrylics Painting The Abstract Rose painting is an exercise to practice a new way of painting. I always want to paint abstract painting, but somehow I end up painting something else. I don’t know if abstract paintings express ones feelings like the other type of paintings, but I know I need […]

Sunset in Savannah landscape acrylics painting

Sunset in Savannah Landscape Acrylics Painting

Warm Savannah Landscape in the Sunset Acrylics Painting Last month I decided to paint something warm since the Spring wasn’t showing any sign, and I settled for a Savannah landscape in acrylics. It was fun working on this painting. The part which took the most time has been the clouds. I used a new technique […]

Anxiety Painting

Anxiety Painting in Acrylics

Anxiety Painting in Acrylic paint – A type of Therapy trough Art There are not much to say about this anxiety painting, since I already did in my journal. It’s just about some emotions I am dealing with. I won’t say much here except the fact I wanted to do a portrait and I ended […]