Studii natura moarta - sill-life study - colorful still-life

Colorful Still-life Studies

Colorful still-life study – studii de natural moarta

I will publish more colorful still-life studies. These are more studies from my diploma portfolio. Are artworks from the last two years of graphics.
You can notice from them, that I tried several techniques for each of them, similar techniques. I am not going to stick to just one technique. Actually, I am prone to test many ideas and techniques from now on.
I think it’s a long journey of discovering art trough art. I am not necessary searching for a personal style, but to improve everything about what I can do, regarding art, that is.
The colorful still-life study is something I enjoy, but I would enjoy more a colorful nature study or even anatomy study.
Studii natura moarta - sill-life study - colorful still-life

Voi publica in continuare mai multe studii cu natura moarta, destul de viu colorate. Sunt studii care au ajuns in portofoliul pentru diploma. Sunt lucrari din ultimi doi ani de grafica
Se poate observa din ele, faptul ca am incercat mai multe tehnici pentru fiecare in parte, tehnici similare totusi. Nu voi urma o singura tehnica de-a lungul vietii. Chiar voi aborba mai multe idei si tehnici de acum inainte.
Cred ca este mai mult, vorba despre o calatorie de descoperire a artei prin arta. Nu sunt, neaparat, in cautarea unui stil personal, dar mai mult in cautarea perfectionarii a tot ceea ce pot realiza in ceea ce priveste asta.
Studiile de natura moarta nu imi sunt neplacute, dar imi place mai mult studiul naturii sau a naturii umane.


– Acrylic paint – Maimeri primary color tubes
– 50x70cm white paper for acrylics paint
– brushes
– wood easel

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