Round Hay Landscape Watercolors

Round Hay Landscape Watercolors after Tutorial

Working after Round Hay landscape watercolors tutorial I am in love with watercolors painting and that’s mainly because I find it to very difficult. I worked today on a Round Hay landscape watercolors tutorial. Usually, when I try to reproduce a painting using a tutorial on YouTube it never ends up well. Working with acrylics […]

Yoga Lotus Watercolors

Yoga Lotus Watercolors

“The light in me salutes the light in you!” – Yoga Lotus Watercolors Painting There was a little experiment I wanted to try about watercolors and drawing and embed my newest passion it, and that is yoga practice trough this Yoga Lotus flower. The lotus flower is a symbol of perfection and a symbol in […]

Atrani Acrylics Painting

Italy – Atrani Acrylics Painting

Atrani Acrylics Painting – Italy I’ve been working on a Atrani Acrylics Painting the last few days. It took me about 8 hours, I believe. I worked on it for a couple of hours last week. I also used coarse structure paste for acrylics. Working on the sand I thought that this product would be […]

Watercolors Video Emma Watson

Watercolors Video – Portrait of Emma Watson

Watercolors video of Emma Watson This is the last video, the watercolors video I did for this painting of Emma Watson. I used inexpensive watercolors pigments that I used before in my drawings. I didn’t experience for this painting any new techniques, just regular wet on dry painting and a little wet on wet when […]