Round Hay Landscape Watercolors

Round Hay Landscape Watercolors after Tutorial

Working after Round Hay landscape watercolors tutorial

I am in love with watercolors painting and that’s mainly because I find it to very difficult. I worked today on a Round Hay landscape watercolors tutorial. Usually, when I try to reproduce a painting using a tutorial on YouTube it never ends up well.

Working with acrylics and oil paint is easy and don’t lift up many obstacles, but the watercolors can be so tricky. Wet on wet, wet on dry and many other techniques. The paper smudges if there is too much water, too much pain layers. You need to be careful.

But! I found an amazing tutorial that helped me understand landscape painting with watercolors right from the first step. They way you analyze the reference photo, the colors, what to look for in it and how to improve your painting with more elements.

The painter I am talking about is Tim Wilmot and his demonstrations are easy to follow and understand. I got lots of “AHA!” moments from his videos. I am happy I found such detailed tutorials. And the result is just like his painting. It never occurs to me usually. I followed one of his “Rural scene watercolors demonstrations”. Check his video bellow the photo

Round Hay Landscape
Round Hay Landscape

Here is the video tutorial:

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