Yoga Lotus Watercolors

Yoga Lotus Watercolors

“The light in me salutes the light in you!” – Yoga Lotus Watercolors Painting

There was a little experiment I wanted to try about watercolors and drawing and embed my newest passion it, and that is yoga practice trough this Yoga Lotus flower.

The lotus flower is a symbol of perfection and a symbol in yoga practice. Each chakra or energy points in the body is corresponding to a lotus of given number of petals. I love how this flower looks and the vibe it gives. I believe there is perfection in the yoga lotus.

I believe there are energy points in our bodies and that we can open them and use the power of the universe.
As you can see I take this quite seriously. The drawing from today is a symbol of kindness and energy, and I really felt like drawing something I like.


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